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This bibliography is intended to become as comprehensive a collection as possible of all written materials that explore the intersection of, or conversation between, sociology and Christianity. It does not include other sociological theory, research, or analysis produced by Christians, which is a much larger body of work that would be unidentifiable and therefore uncollectable.

The bibliography was begun by Jim Mathisen of Wheaton College and expanded by Dennis Hiebert of Providence College (Canada). Further citations, corrections, comments, or suggestions are solicited from anyone interested, and should be sent to Dennis Hiebert at dennis.hiebert@prov.ca, who will administer the bibliography and update it periodically. Hopefully, there will be an initial flood of additions and responses that will then settle into a stable pattern of long-term growth. Together, we can make this the most valuable resource possible.

The bibliography is divided into the following sections:

A. Books
B. Chapters from Authored or Edited Volumes
C. Journal Articles
D. Unpublished Materials

An additional section is devoted to unpublished papers presented at ACTS conferences, and is therefore not limited to works of integration, but is representative of the range of scholarship presented at the annual meetings. Copies can be obtained by contacting the authors directly.

E. Papers Presented at ACTS Conferences (by year)

A. Books

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B. Chapters from Authored or Edited Volumes

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C. Journal Articles

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D. Unpublished Material

E. Papers Presented at ACTS Conferences (by year)

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